How Does Pattern Recognition Work on Baccarat Road?

How Does Pattern Recognition Work on Baccarat Road?

Baccarat, a popular table game, has captured the hearts of players worldwide with its simplicity. Alongside the gameplay, Baccarat also offers a unique feature known as “Baccarat Roads” or “Scorecards.” These scorecards, displayed on the Baccarat table or electronic scoreboards, are used to track the history of the game’s outcomes, providing players with insights into patterns and trends. In this guide, we will explore the different types of Baccarat Roads and how to interpret them effectively.

The Bead Plate

The Bead Plate is the most straightforward and basic form of Baccarat Road. It consists of a grid of small circles or beads, each representing the outcome of a Baccarat hand. The circles are typically colored in red for Banker wins, blue for Player wins, and green for ties. The Bead Plate allows players to get an instant overview of the recent game results and provides a foundation for the more advanced scorecards.

The Big Road

The Big Road builds upon the Bead Plate and provides a more comprehensive view of the game’s history. The circles representing the outcomes are arranged in a continuous path, allowing players to identify streaks of consecutive wins by either the Banker or the Player. This scorecard helps players identify patterns and trends in the game, which some players use to make betting decisions. For example, if the Big Road shows a long streak of Banker wins, some players might be inclined to bet on the Banker hand in the next round.

Baccarat big road image

The Big Eye Boy

The Big Eye Boy extends the Big Road and delves deeper into the patterns. It adds additional markings to the circles to represent the relative outcomes of the previous hand compared to the one before it. For instance, if the result of the current hand is the same as the hand before it, a dot is placed inside the circle. If it differs, no dot is used. This detailed tracking allows players to identify subtle changes in the streaks and fine-tune their betting strategies.

The Cockroach Road

The Cockroach Road continues the pattern tracking from the Big Eye Boy and provides even more detailed information. Like the Big Eye Boy, it places dots inside the circles, but this time, it records the outcomes in relation to the third previous hand in the Big Road. This creates a more comprehensive history of the game’s results, offering further insights into the trends and patterns.

The Small Road

The Small Road is an extension of the Cockroach Road and offers a highly detailed view of the game’s outcomes. It continues to track the patterns and streaks established in the previous scorecards, allowing players to delve deeper into the historical results. This level of granularity can be especially useful for experienced players looking for the smallest nuances and trends in the game.

Baccarat small road image

Interpreting Baccarat Roads

While Baccarat Roads can provide valuable insights into the game’s history, it’s essential to approach their interpretation with caution. Baccarat is primarily a game of chance, and past outcomes do not influence future results. Each hand is independent of the previous one, and the outcome is determined by the rules of the game and a random number generator.


Baccarat Roads are merely tools for record-keeping and observation, and their use does not guarantee any advantage in the game. Some players might find comfort in tracking patterns and streaks, but others might prefer to rely on their intuition or follow betting strategies that do not consider historical results.

Final Thoughts

Baccarat Roads add an extra layer of intrigue to the game, allowing players to observe patterns and trends in the outcomes. The Bead Plate offers a quick overview, while the Big Road, Big Eye Boy, Cockroach Road, and Small Road provide increasingly detailed historical information. Use Baccarat Roads as a fascinating element of the game, but make your betting decisions wisely, considering a combination of factors to enjoy your Baccarat experience to the fullest.