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Play The Most Popular Fishing Games At OKBet Online Casino

OKBET presents online fishing games, one of the most popular games that online casinos ever have. The game has gained popularity in online gaming, providing a virtual experience of the tranquil and exciting sport of fishing. These games often include realistic graphics, various fishing locations, different fish species to catch, and even competitive elements such as tournaments or multiplayer options.


OKBet provides a comprehensive online fishing game experience for players by providing fascinating games, exciting promotions, fair odds, and fast cashouts. Our website was built with the most advanced technology available, and we make sure that your time here is as satisfying and enjoyable as possible. 

OKBET Fishing Games: The Best Online Fishing Games in 2023

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable fishing adventure with OKBet’s selection of thrilling fishing games. 

Mega Fishing

Arcade and Fishing

Special Features

  • Fantastic Exquisite Fishing Game
  • Special Mega Octopus brings Golden Wheel Prize with max 950 multipliers
  • A variety of Boss with gorgeous show keeps your eyes on.
OKBET Fishing Games - Mega Fishing

About Mega Fishing

The Mega Octopus is on its way, carrying the Lucky Golden Wheel and changing your luck! The most exquisite fishing game offers special species that will make you extremely happy! A selection of Boss is simple and easy to find! 

OKBET Fishing Games - Mega Fishing Gameplay

Jackpot Fishing

Arcade and Fishing

Special Features

  • High-Speed Fishing Game!
  • Kill different fish species to accumulate prizes, place the full bet to raise the Max Jackpot!
  • Combos hit Special fish, receive 5x super prize!
OKBET Fishing Games - jackpot fishing

About Jackpot Fishing

Superb prizes are waiting in front of you!  A wide selection of fish species, each with its own prize, target, and technique to make quick money. High chances of species appearing at any time and at any location, with random extra 5x multipliers after capturing!

OKBET Fishing Games - Mega Fishing Gameplay

Bombing Fishing

Arcade and Fishing

Special Features

  • Unique Fishing Game!
  • Launch the gold bombs to bombard the fishing grounds!
  • Release the torpedoes for powerful attacks and kill the targets effortlessly
OKBET Fishing Games - bombing fishing

About Bombing Fishing

Bomb the fishes for the best prizes; Bombing Fishing is here to make you rich! Launch the gold bombs to strike the fishing areas using the gold bomb and torpedo mode. Release the torpedoes for strong strikes and easy kills!

OKBET Fishing Games - Bombing Fishing Gameplay

All-Star Fishing

Arcade and Fishing

Special Features

  • Popular bosses from each fishing game.
  • Various weapons for you to choose, including Jellyfish Cannon that can paralyze fish and Hawk Grapple that can pull back bosses.
  • A variety of gameplay and mini-games.
OKBET Fishing Games - all-star fishing

All-Star Fishing

The King of the Ocean is within your reach and easy to capture in this star-studded game! All-Star Fishing features a range of gameplay options, including roulette, slot machine, and King of Ocean interaction.

OKBET Fishing Games - All Star Fishing Gameplay

Happy Fishing

Arcade and Fishing

Special Features

  • Porcelain and a special Fishing Game!
  • The Deep Sea White Shark brings grand prize
  • Mega Octopus is coming that brings the Lucky Golden Wheel with High multipliers! eous show keeps your eyes on.
OKBET Fishing Games - Happy Fishing

About Happy Fishing

Happy Fishing provides an 8-odds reward that will transform your life forever! Torpedo may be used to easily kill the victim! You’ll feel great after winning special species and Super boss awards!

OKBET Fishing Games - Happy Fishing Gameplay

Top 4 Winning Strategies on Playing OKBET Fishing Games

Since there is a time limit attached to the majority of the games, it is important that you select the appropriate fish. The smaller fishes are worth fewer points, while the larger fishes are worth more. On the other hand, there can be fish that offer bonuses if you catch them at just the right time. There is a small chance of catching a particular fish, but the outcome may be affected if you do it either too early or too late. As a result, you need to establish a plan for the fish you can catch and stick to it.


Here are some winning methods you might use in the game.

Watch How Fast The Fish Moves

Different fish swim at different speeds. The speed might be either quick or slow, depending on the object's dimensions. For example, smaller fish swim more slowly than larger fish but award fewer points. If you come across fish that confer benefits, you could have to expend additional resources to obtain those fish. Your success rate at catching fish will be directly proportional to how quickly you can move.

Use The Mustache Technique As Your Strategy​

You can make a shooting pattern that resembles a figure eight to catch more fish if you use the mustache approach. It zeroes in on a particular species of fish and allows you to practice responsible resource management. This is done to capture every fish that is available due to the speeds they make. If you use this technique, you can rack up more points by concentrating more of your attention on more minute targets.

Target A Larger Fish

If you have enough money in your bankroll, this strategy is the best for you. It will cost you more money to catch huge fish because they require more resources than small fish, but it will be worth it. To obtain the larger fish more quickly, utilize larger bullets in your fishing arsenal. Even though you will use more resources, if you can hit enough targets, it will help you offset the additional expenditures.

Practice Bankroll Management

It is essential to properly manage your cash whenever you participate in any casino game. The amount of money you have in your bankroll account impacts how much you can spend on employing bullets to catch more fish. Spend only what you can pay for, and cut down on the number of fishing games you play so that you will still have enough money. 

Try Your Luck at OKBet Fishing Games!

Games involving fishing will measure how quickly you can catch fish within a given time. Each fish’s size dictates its speed and the number of points it’s worth, and this is because there are a variety of species. You need to keep an eye on its speed, and if you have enough credit, you ought to go after the larger fish. Use the mustache technique to earn more points while preserving your resources if you want to obtain more. This will allow you to get more. In the end, getting the winnings you want comes down to how quick your reflexes are. 


If you’re an avid fan of online fishing games, OKBet is the ideal online fishing game platform you can use. Our platform aims to provide the best service possible. Thus, we follow the legal process when running an online gambling. OKBet Philippines operates legally in the country as it is licensed and regulated under the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation PAGCOR.


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Frequently Asked Questions

OKBET Fishing Games FAQS

Yes, OKBet fishing games are available for mobile devices. You can download the OKBET app via APP Store, Google Play, and Huawei AppGallery. Playing on mobile offers convenience and the ability to enjoy fishing games on the go.

To catch fish in the game, you typically cast your line by tapping or swiping on the screen. Once the line is in the water, you wait for a fish to bite, indicated by a bite notification or visual cue. Finally, you need to quickly react by tapping or swiping to hook and catch the fish.

Yes, there are different types of fishing games available at OKBet. Some fishing games focus on realistic simulations, offering authentic fishing experiences with various locations, fish species, and realistic gameplay mechanics. Others may take a more casual or arcade-style approach, providing simplified controls, power-ups, and faster-paced action

To win in the fishing game at OKBet, you typically aim to catch fish with higher values or sizes, which earn you more points or rewards. Pay attention to the specific rules of the game, as certain fish may have different values or bonuses attached to them.